Why Choose the Divi Theme?

First, what is Divi?

Divi is a very popular ‘premium’ WordPress Theme that enables you to build websites using a visual drag-and-drop page builder. You can build great-looking sites without using or understanding code. This theme is well-established – it was first released in 2013 and was created by Elegant Themes.


Quick Summary

What’s to like?

Divi has a great range of features including — 

  • ease-of-use
  • flexibility
  • ongoing support

This helps to make it the most popular WordPress theme ever. The price is competitive, it is kept up-to-date, and documentation is very good. The well-designed free page layouts that come with it are a huge bonus. Read on for details…

screenshot of divi theme home page
screenshot of divi module list


Drag-and-Drop Sections

Divi comes with 46 pre-made modules that include website elements such as text boxes, images, accordions, number counters, image sliders, contact forms, and shops. Every element within Divi can be customised. There are settings in the sections, rows and modules, and also in the Theme Customiser and the Module Customiser.

Because its a visual page builder it makes it easy to build websites without the need to know any code such as HTML, CSS or PHP. Divi also has the flexibility for code experts to customise as much as they could want.

Beautiful Design

Ready-to-use Layouts

Divi includes 800+ Pre-made Designs / 100+ Full Website Packs and copyright-free images. There’s also an additional large marketplace with many more ready-made designs for Divi.

It is easy to change the colour scheme and images to your own, and to insert your own text. You can also re-arrange the order of the sections, combine them with sections from other templates, and fully customise the design using the visual builder.

screenshot of divi layout templates


Divi Template Examples

Here are a few examples of Divi’s layout template landing pages. Click on the thumbnail to see the page. There are literally hundreds of free templates, so this is a tiny sample.

#1 Copywriter ; #2 Business Coach; #3 Bank; #4 Life Coach; #5 Construction; #6 Digital

Flexible To Use

The template title does not in any way reflect the final content, which can be anything you choose. For example #1 Copywriter could easily be changed to an energy consultant by changing the text and photos. What you are getting is a ready-made visual design.

Unified Design Across Different Page Types

Each template design includes several pages such as About, Contact, Shop, Landing Page. All pictures are holding images so you can swop them out with your own; the same with the colour schemes, and with the module sections.

Layout Templates – A Good Place To Start

Everything can be changed. Colours, text, pictures – and even the layout design. Essentially, layout templates are simply starting points.

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