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Our Services

Web Design & Support

A good website communicates effectively with its visitors.

Selling a service, selling a product, or simply sharing information? You need to give a clear message and we’ll help you to do this.

We work in tandem with you to produce your website. We can do as much or as little of the design work as you want.

There are many great design templates to match most businesses, and this saves both time and money. Alternatively, we can design completely unique websites from scratch based on detailed discussions with you.


Choose a Premade Template

Most businesses don’t need a totally ‘unique’ design, and this is where a well-designed template can save you both time and money, and still achieve your aim.

A template will be customised for you by substituting your photos, pictures, colour scheme and logo, and writing unique content to your requirements. It is both cost effective and faster than building from scratch. It will also take a lot of the pain out of the process as you will already have a clear idea of how it will look.

BuilD from Scratch

If you want something more specific, we will be happy to build your website from scratch.

This could be a static website with HTML and CSS or a dynamic website using a CMS such as WordPress, or Modx, etc. The web technology used will depend on your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss further. Note that the time & resources needed may well be substantially greater than the template route.

Branding & Logo

For straightforward requirements we can offer you branding in-house, and for more advanced requirements we can contract a branding specialist on your behalf.

We are also happy for you to supply us with colours, images, font and logo branding.

Cloud Web Hosting

Our cloud web hosting is fast and cost effective. Several networked computers pool their resources and divide their workloads dynamically.

We spent 6 months researching and testing for a good partner provider so that we are confident that we can deliver you an excellent service. We’re using a UK company with UK servers who are constantly seeking improvements and have an excellent reputation for speed and service.

Domain Registration

We are now a domain reseller partnered with eNom, one of the big 3 registrars, and our prices are competitive. We can offer you instant domain registration with online payment.

We also offer web hosting and web design – an all-in-one service.

But you don’t have to host with us and you don’t have to be a design client. You can buy your domain with us and point it wherever you want.

We have dozens of different TLDs available, eg. .COM, .NET, .CO.UK, .ORG, and you can check before ordering that your desired name is available.

Other Hosting Options

We can also offer higher-level hosting if you need it, eg. VPS.

And if you need something simple, we can set you up on one of the site builder platforms, eg Wix, Squarespace.

Web Hosting & Domains

We offer web hosting to anyone*. And we have expanded our services to include instant domain registration and instant web hosting.

We understand the pain of problematic hosting. As web designers, we have often helped our clients fix hosting-related problems.

So now we offer our hosting as a solution. It’s secure, it’s fast and rich in features.

*Must be over 18 years old. Other restrictions apply – see Terms & Conditions


About Skylime

Hi! I’m Nick and I manage Skylime

Our small agency provides a friendly personal service. We believe in a holistic approach and in the importance of good communication.

Skylime began as an IT training consultancy in 2009 and then moved into web design and hosting. We design websites of all sizes – we scale up through collaboration with partners eg. National Energy Action, a larger project. We also offer bespoke training.

Nick Case-Leng, owner of Skylime

Featured Work

Website Conversion

From Squarespace to WordPress

This client built his website in Squarespace, but wanted more flexibility in the future, so we replicated his design in WordPress.

He now has unlimited design options for the future, and he is saving £££ in hosting. We’ve used a ‘builder’ theme, which gives the client the same drag-and-drop design method as Squarespace for any future hands-on editing.

website shown on laptop
website shown on iMac

Flexible Website Development

Easy updating

Using a Content Management System (WordPress) this client can update their website frequently without contacting us and without using code. They write their own blog as and when they wish, and link this to social media.

When they need extra support, we are there to help them.

Note: writing articles with helpful related information is a good way to increase visits to your site. 

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